What is S-ONE Finance

S-ONE is the one-stop shop for users to do swapping their crypto assets on Ethereum blockchain. The system rewards the users to actively use the system by providing them with the SONE tokens.

System Structure

S-ONE Ecosystem

The ecosystem comprises S-ONE Swap, S-ONE Staking and SONE Token. These elements are linked together using upper layer applications.

S-ONE Swap

S-ONE Swap is a fork from Uniswap with a number of customizations to make the system more user friendly and safer.

Price Mechanism

S-ONE Swap inherits the price mechanism from Uniswap with the price is calculated following the formula :


In which:
x : number of token A in the pool
y : number of token B in the pool
k : constant

Price Slippage

The relative token price of the two tokens in one pool is determined by the graph of the formula x×y=k above. At a certain liquidity amount, the price changes when a swap occurs. That change is called price slippage, and the price update on S-ONE Swap is automated without involvement of other traders.

Protocol Fees

The system applies a fee of 0.3% for every trades, and this amount is divided into 3 parts:

◆ 0.2% is for liquidity provider fee.
◆ 0.05% is rewarded with S-ONE token. (Governent token of the system)
◆ 0.05% is for ecosystem fund.

Liquidity Provider tokens

By adding liquidity to S-ONE Swap, users get back their Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. The number of LP token is calculated using the formula:

LP token = (A×B)^ 0.5

In which:
A : the number of token 1.
B : the number of token 2 of the pair.

The LP tokens are ERC20 tokens and can be used to trade, stake or provide liquidity to other ecosystems.

S-ONE Token

The innovation of the S-ONE Ecosystem lies in the SONE token that connects S-ONE Swap. SONE token is generated and distributed mainly through community farming and swapping rewards (as described in the session below). It incentivized S-ONE users to participate and contribute to the ecosystem.

Token Economics

Total supply 100,000,000 tokens

❶ 70% Liquidity Mining Reward & Swapping Rewards: 70,000,000 tokens. Distributed to the market through farming using crypto collaterals.

❷ 20% Token sales: 20,000,000 tokens. Distributed to the market through a market sale.

❸ 7.5% Advisor and Team Allocation: 7,500,000 tokens. Used to reward the team. This amount will be locked for 6 months, and vesting every block in 6 months.

❹ 2.5% Liquidity Fund: 2,500,000 tokens. Used to add initial pools on Uniswap or other decentralized exchange at token generation event.


SONE tokens are generated and distributed through farming. Vesting Mechanism:

Initial Pools

Each block, the system distributes an equal amount of SONE, and this amount is divided into pools following their ratio.
The more pools are added to the list, the less rewards each pool will receive.

Treasury Fund

Every time a user withdraws their farmed tokens, 10% of their earnings is directed to the Treasury Fund. The team can use this fund for marketing, community management, bug bounties or further development.



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