S-ONE Finance launch

S-ONE Finance
Nov 16, 2021

S-ONE Finance is a swap and staking platform that even beginners can easily operate.

S-ONE Finance launch commemoration !

[STEP 1] Provide liquidity
ETH pair over $10,000
Stablecoin pair over $10,000
SONE pair over $3,000
※Make transactions from your ETH address to receive rewards.

Let’s start


[STEP 2]
Fill out the form with the required information.

①Referral ID
Earn up to 92% commission when your friends start swapping.

Provide liquidity for a few months
1 month → 500 SONE
3 months → 1,500 SONE
6 months → 3,000 SONE

③Distribution timing
Referral ID : Within 1 week.

α SONE : Sent at the end of the month following the application month.
※If you withdraw on the way, you will not receive any reward.

Application form