S-ONE Wallet will be updated at early November.

Dashboard Function

Faster Transaction

Cancellation Function(same as Metamask)

Our project was introduced in AJ Crypto. We are pleased to inform you that.

S-ONE Wallet is a convenient and secure multicoin P2P wallet for S-ONE Finance users.

S-ONE Wallet is the official wallet of S-ONE Finance. SONE holders can easily store, transfer, exchange, and manage crypto assets with just one wallet.

❶ Simple, Intuitive, Easy

S-ONE Wallet offers a simple and intuitive mobile interface that allows users to securely store/send/receive SONE and all ERC-20 tokens.
・Friendly UI/UX, clear and easy to use
・There is always an instruction manual specific to the beginner

❷ Many convenient functions

・Address book : Address book function to save frequently-traded addresses
・Transactions history can easily be tracked on S-ONE Wallet.
・Statistical chart of the number of tokens sent and received during the day, week … will help you easily manage your assets.
・Swap simply through Wallet.

❸ Safe and Secure

・Securely send and receive SONE & other token anytime and anywhere.

S-ONE is the one-stop shop for users to do swapping their crypto assets on Ethereum blockchain. The system rewards the users to actively use the system by providing them with the SONE tokens.

System Structure

S-ONE Ecosystem

The ecosystem comprises S-ONE Swap, S-ONE Staking and SONE Token. …

In 2020, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) made a big step in blockchain innovation roadmap, and many investors got high returns from that. However, many DeFi products are used mainly by those with high literacy, and the current situation is that there are high hurdles for the general public to use them.

S-ONE FINANCE aims to be an ecosystem that is easy to handle even for the general public, and provides services at the following three points.


Not only for the experts, S-one finance also allows beginner players to access usability.


S-one finance protects customers’ assets with a decentralized ecosystem.


S-one finance brings maximum satisfaction to customers.



S-ONE Finance

We make #DeFi easy and bring it to everyone.

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